Giving Away R5000 to Feed 120 Hungry Kids in This Village


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  • God bless you Mr phakathe I wish one we will meet. I have a business idea but it’s hard to start it because I don’t have money

  • I have been following u about 2yrs now you are a blessing,l am moved by your work by everything you do for the needy and l wish one day l can also help those in need however today l am asking for your help if u can help my sister she lost her job together with his husband they have 2 kids they have been given a notice to leave their rented space next week they don’t know where to go coz they don’t have money she borrowed money from someone to buy food thinking she will manage to pay but because she doesn’t have any money they started posting her on social media l don’t know if l am wrong to ask but may u pliz help them so that they can find a new affordable place to rent n buy food n pay back the money they borrowed I am asking for your help pliz,she doesn’t know I am doing this but I don’t have a choice she has tried looking for help everywhere but to no avail pliz help baba Phakathi