This guy was roasting a strange animal and this happened


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  • I’m Veronica Sibeko from Qwaqwa bluegumbosch 2019 face two I need ur help. I’m staying with my grandma she is 93 years ago my son and anti and cousin … We’re not working only my grandma support us please help u get food close and job tnx

  • Praise the living God 🙏
    I always follow you for the glory of God your doing to people, may almighty God bless you for the golden heart, and need your support too 🙏 God bless you

  • God has blessed you to help ppl you are a true messenger I wish I could get some help so that I could keep my family but I have to send him to the nursing home so that I can work & make a better home for us !! Can you help us no car

  • So you guys what you did its good to help people who are in need am watching from namibia and l am also in need of something l am a woman 40yrs having 4 kind one she is 17 another one 14 and twins wich is 7 l don’t work my first daughter she is in secondary school and the second son all thi kind first and the second they have a different father and the twins they have a different father so as l talk am a single mom liaising my family alon l am selling fate cool and my frofit that l use to get is not enough we a l need a help of capital for me to start a business to add on fate cake that l use to sell already

  • I live in Malawi but I’ve been heavily inspired by what this foundation has been doing in doing good in world that seems care only for the rich and powerful. I’d be interested to know about the aspirations of the foundation and whether it operates outside South Africa. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly.