This Family of 10 Struggling Was Grateful For The Kindness Even The Dogs Were Excited To See This


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  • This is amazingly what u are doing is good every time I pass guys who ask for money R2 I think maybe they’ll go and smoke it without actually knowing that the same person might need the money for himself or herself to buy food .from now on I want to change and start helping someone who needs must a R2 thank you Mr Phakathi for showing this people some love

  • Sorry videos didn’t show…but previous viewing, were always great!
    Thank You, Mr.Bi Phakathi,
    For being a great example for us all that may see Your anonymous kind way that You’ve assisted folks, when viewed is usually very inspiring!

  • Your my role model sir Bi I want to make more miracles like you I follow you in all platforms so than I can talk to you